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"Here we have the pleasant surprise of meeting another band from Denver, which has an excellent female vocal that we have to say, matches and very well with the style proposed by the band. With a sound that could be characterized by a melodic metal, gothic influences and other very particular influences of the band itself but that add and very well to the style presented as a final result!" - Andre Alonso, Metal Junk Box

"American heavy metal band Signs of Tranquility explodes onto the music scene with their self-titled album. This eleven-track album is an eclectic journey that spans different musical textures, sounds, and emotions. Using each member’s musical talents, the band creates a wholesome masterpiece that is an exquisite listen from start to finish." - Amy Braun, ai love music

"A very interesting Hard Rock / Metal where the guitars are deep and epic, where the drums beat hard and the voice of the singer instead is ethereal and magical and with a unique compositional style that manages to stand out from the crowd. Surely we are faced with good musicians, a band that has spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room to achieve such an enviable sound understanding. Signs of Tranquility album is a very professional work, in some moments the sound of the guitars reminded me of Korn while the vocal lines of Evanescence. Honestly, I did not find any flaws in terms of production, interpretation, and recording. A solid musical product. A band that has clear ideas on how to propose their own musical universe to the world. In my opinion these guys are ready to entertain the masses around the world." - Edgar Allen Poets

"Ingesting this album from the first note to the last is a deep dive into a bevy of emotions. I felt this album deep in my bones as I felt harkened back to past musical experiences I had. As if this group knew how to cherry pick from their musical influences, swallow them whole, and then regurgitate a new sound. One that is unique to them. You can hear where their influences reside within their music, but that’s as far as it goes. From there on out you are taken on a musical journey that is uniquely attributed to Signs Of Tranquility." - Kevin Epperson, Red Rock Magazine


Signs of Tranquility is a Melodic Metal band with a kiss of EDM from Denver, Colorado, USA. For years before the beginning of SOT, Founder Justin Davis (Drums/Samples/Composer) had a vision of blending his loves of Symphonic Metal mixed with upbeat EDM/Industrial music. After coming up with the "bones" of the music, he reached out to other fellow musicians in the Metro Denver and Surrounding areas to partake in this unique project. In 2019, Signs of Tranquility were born. The original members: Kaylie Haynes (Lead Vocals), Kevin Shaw (Guitar/Backing Vocals), and Jace Pembroke (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) all got to work on our debut Self-Titled album and debut show. Then the world stopped with Covid-19 in 2020.

We as a band collaborated remotely with many tools out there on the internet. This went on till the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021. We also had a lineup change around this time with Sean Smith (Guitar) and Steve Stockburger (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals). SOT then enlisted the help of a local recording studio (Hahn Audio) to drive the album to completion. Our first release "All Against Me" was released in June 2021 with accompanied music video (directed by Film/Facer). Then a blessing occurred to us; we were contacted by a digital independent record label, DI Records based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After a few meetings, we signed on, released three singles "Alive and Well", "Savior" "Vivid Emotion" and the album through DI.

SOT has been playing live all-around Colorado, in several shows and opened for major acts.  Notable ones are Fate Destroyed and Burning Witches. In March 2023, we went on our first mini tour to Las Vegas for a weekend metal festival. This is also the first show for our current vocalist (Azura Onessa). We also had our first show in Wyoming for the 2024 Ladies of Metal Festival with our newest member Devyn Hartwig (Bass Guitar).

Today, we are in the process of bringing our fans TWO new EPs of all new music. Part 1 "The Consequences" will be released in the fall/winter 2024 with 4 new tracks and a "reimagined" classic. Part 2 "The Truths" is in the writing stages and SOT will be going into the studio beginning of 2025.

Somehow I missed this band before, but glad I found them now😊 Signs of Tranquility @sotofficialband put out their first album last year and its one of those ones where I love every track🔥 Bought the album after one listen🙂 Again, I'm going to borrow their words for a description of their music:  Uniting the worlds of melodic metal and electronic elements, Signs of Tranquility creates passionate soundscapes that range from electrifying and hard-hitting in one moment to melodic and ethereal the next.  I'd just add there is a touch of Goth in there too and if you like Evanescence you'll possibly like this on the singer's vocals alone! Its a really varied album with some stormers and some quieter.

- Zin Ulfhednar, Instagram

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