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Uniting the world of melodic metal with electronic elements, Signs of Tranquility creates passionate soundscapes that range from electrifying and hard-hitting in one moment to melodic and ethereal the next.


Headbangers, lost souls, and lovers of beauty from all walks of life, we welcome you: enter a world of vivid emotion where darkness and light collide.


Haunting. Beautiful. Intense. Profound.


We are the masters of our chaos.

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Signed to DI Records

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Signs of Tranquility
Self-Titled Album
Released February 25, 2022

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Vivid Emotion
Music Video
Released May 20th, 2022


Music Video/Single
Released January 7th, 2022


Alive and Well
Lyric Video/Single
Released October 15th, 2021

All Against Me
Music Video/Single
Released June 25, 2021


Signs of Tranquility is a melodic metal band with electronic elements based out of Denver, CO.  Our sound merges influences from symphonic metal, modern metal, melodic hard rock, and EDM and ranges from electrifying and hard-hitting at one moment to haunting and ethereal in the next.  Our members have shared the stage with artists such as Kamelot, Epica, and Fate Destroyed and studied under members of Exit Eden, Phantom Elite, Unleash the Archers, Within Temptation, Seven Spires, Qantice, Avantasia and more.  We strive to bring unique elements to every live show, including video visuals, synchronized light shows, unique fashion, dancers, and more to create a passionate and moving musical experience.


Our self-titled debut album released February 25, 2022 features 10 tracks we have crafted to capture a journey into the unknown depths of the soul, through isolation and pain, breaking into a beautiful yet lonely new world, and finally emerging alive and well. Enter a world of vivid emotion where darkness and light collide, with a broad range of musical styles spanning catchy electronic medleys, instrumental interludes, heavy-hitting metal riffs, and reflective ballads.


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